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Parasoft Findings enables you to visualize test results generated by Parasoft products in Bamboo. It includes two tasks that convert Parasoft's XML reports into graphs so you can conveniently view the test details.

Parasoft Findings provides the following tasks in Bamboo:

  • Parasoft SOAtest 9.x Report Parser
  • Parasoft Analyzers 10.x Report Parser


  • Bamboo version 5.14 or later.

Adding and Running the Tasks

  1. Add the task to your build job. 

  2. Specify the Report location pattern. You can also enable the Pick up test results that were created outside of this build option in the Advanced settings if reports were generated before the build plan starts. 

  3. Run a build plan and view test results in the test tab.

Viewing Results

After running the tasks, results will be available in the project plan home page. You can drill-down into the Test results page for additional information.

Test Results from Parasoft Test Cases

Associating Test Results with Individual Test Cases

Visualize Test Execution Trending Data

Change Log

1.0.3Updated compatibility for Bamboo 6.3.
1.0.2Fixed error when running on remote agent, failing to resolve TaskConfiguratorHelper.

Fixed wrong number of test results reported in some cases.

Fixed handling error messages and stack traces for tests having multiple failures.

Fixed missing "time" attributes not handled properly.

Fixed not using correct "time" attribute in some cases.

Removed documentation from and point to

1.0.0Initial release.
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