Virtualize can record live behavior of dependent system components—database queries and responses or traffic over HTTP, JMS, or MQ—then represent that behavior as a Virtual Asset. Once the Virtual Asset is created and deployed, it can emulate the captured behavior—enabling you to cut the dependencies on system components that are difficult to access.

Database recording is done from the Parasoft JDBC Driver as described in Recording Databases.

There are two ways to record live HTTP, JMS, or MQ traffic:

  • The recommended approach is to set up message proxies, then perform recording from those proxies. This way, you need to change the application under test (AUT) only once: to point to the proxy. You can then use the UI to start and stop recording, direct traffic to specific virtual assets, and so on. For details on how to create and configure message proxies, see Working with Message Proxies. For instructions on recording from these proxies, see Recording Traffic from Message Proxies.
  • If you don’t want to use message proxies, you can use the recording wizard to capture live traffic on the fly, create and deploy a virtual asset based on that traffic, then point your AUT to that virtual asset.  For details on recording in this manner, see Recording Traffic on the Fly.
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