To see the page before the action occurred, you use the Browser Playback tool’s Pre-Action Browser Contents tab. For example, here is the Browser Playback tool showing what the web page looked like before the Click "Athletic" action —an action that mimics a user narrowing search results to include only athletic shoes. 


You can see the HTML for a given element by right-clicking that element, then choosing Inspect <Element> from the shortcut menu.



To see the page after the action occurred, you use the Browser Contents Viewer tool. For example, here is the Browser Contents Viewer tool showing what the same web page looked like after the Click "Athletic" action

Colored Borders

Note that various colored borders are used to highlight elements that are the source of operations such as extractions, validations, user actions, etc.



The following table explains what each colored border indicates.


ColorMarks the source of 
BlueUser actions
GrayData bank extractions
GreenWait conditions
PurpleValidations + databank extractions

Rendering Pages on Linux

The XULRunner runtime version ( is used to render web pages in both SOAtest and Virtualize (for example, the rendered pages in the Browser Contents Viewer). The system requirements for XULRunner are the same as the system requirements for Firefox 3.  

On Windows, there are no notable system requirements. 

On Linux, additional software needs to be required. If these software requirements are not met, you may encounter errors (including the product terminating) when you try to open an editor with a rendered page.

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