To add a remote repository to your Data Repositories view:

  1. Click the Add Server button.

  2. Specify how to connect to your Data Repository Server.

  3. (Optional) If you want to be able to lock and unlock repositories (as described in Locking and Unlocking Repositories in CTP), check Configure authentication for locking, then specify the URL of the CTP server that you use (e.g., http://ctpserver:8080), as well as your username and password for that CTP server.

  4. Click OK.

The specified data repository server will be added to the Data Repositories view. Any repositories that it contains will be displayed in this tree. New repositories can be added as described below, or during the process of creating a virtual asset from the "create parameterized messages from traffic wizard.

Removing a Server from the Data Repositories View

If you later want to remove a server from the Data Repositories view, just select the related node and click Remove Server.