This topic covers the  BPEL Semantics Validator, which verifies a BPEL file’s syntactic correctness.

Sections include:

Understanding WS-BPEL Semantics Validator

The BPEL Semantics Validator is a static analysis tool that checks syntactic correctness through schema validation, which verifies that the elements and attributes conform to the XML Schema. It also explicitly verifies constraints imposed by the BPEL specification that are not enforced by the XML Schema. The validator finds errors such as:

  • Unresolved references to BPEL, WSDL, and XML Schema types.
  • Violations to constraints on start activities, correlations, scopes, variables, links, and partner links.
  • Incompatible types in assignments.
  • Errors in embedded XPath expressions.

Configuring the WS-BPEL Semantics Validator

You can configure the following settings for the WS-BPEL Validator:

  • BPEL URL: Specifies the URL of the BPEL file to validate.
  • Imported documents: Allows you to import BPEL files to validate.
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