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This topic explains how to reorder tests as well as to how reuse tests and other test assets with copy/cut and paste.

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To learn more about test reuse strategies, see the following topics:

Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop tests to reorder them.


 If you switch to the Navigator view, you can copy/paste and drag/drop between your projects and the external file explorer of the OS.

Cut/Copy and Paste

You might want to cut/copy and paste tests in the following situations:

  • You want to create new tests that are very similar to existing tests.
  • You want to change the order of test execution (Tests are executed in the order in which they are listed in the Test Case Explorer).
  • You want to copy tests or test suites from one project to another.


To copy or cut a test or test suite:

  1. Right-click the Test node or Test Suite node that represents the test or test suite that you want to cut/copy.
  2. Choose Cut or Copy from the shortcut menu.


To paste a test or test suite at the end of a test suite:

  1. Right-click the Test Suite node
  2. Choose Paste.

To paste a test or test suite in a specific position in a test suite:

  1. Right-click the Test node above which you want the test case or test suite pasted.
  2. Choose Paste.


Copying/Pasting Other Test Assets

You can also copy/paste other test assets—such as chained tools, data sources, transport settings, etc.—as needed.

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