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The Literal Sequence Responder enables you to configure a sequence of literal response messages. An individual message is sent each time the responder is invoked starting with the first message in the configuration. By default, the responder loops back to the first message once all the message responses have been served.

Each Message Responder responds to incoming request messages that match its Responder Correlation criteria. Responses can be configured in a variety of modes, ranging from simple fixed messages to dynamic parameterized messages using a data source. Message Responders are protocol agnostic, but the transport protocol or API to access a responder is defined in the deployment configuration of the PVA.


You can create a Literal Sequence Responder tool directly from the Add Responder wizard. General configuration options for this type of message responder are covered in Message Responder Overview.

Refer to Sequence Responses for details about adding and configuring messages used in this responder.

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