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In Marketplace, you can explore, download, and deploy files that have been added to your private marketplace as well as the Parasoft public marketplace. You can download any file that will assist you in your service virtualization and testing efforts. Additionally, you can instantly deploy Virtualize files (e.g., PVAs) to any Virtualize servers that a) are connected to your CTP, b) are currently online, and c) you are authorized to access.
To download a file:
  1. Expand that file’s marketplace listing.
  2. Click the Download button.
To deploy a file on a connected Virtualize server:
  1. Expand that file’s marketplace listing.
  2. Click the Deploy button.
  3. Specify the Virtualize server where you want this file deployed, then click OK.

If you are deploying an archive of virtual assets with associated data repositories (described in Uploading Archives Including Virtual Assets and Data Repositories), you will also be prompted to specify how to connect to the Data Repository Server where you want the archived repositories deployed.
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