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This topic describes the Decompression tool, which decompresses data that has been compressed with gzip, zip, or deflate compression methods.
Sections include:

Understanding Decompression

If the server response for a web scenario is in a compressed format, SOAtest automatically detects the compression settings and attaches a Decompression tool to the response traffic before it is outputted to the Diff tool. The Decompression tool is automatically added to Asynchronous Request tests created by recording from a browser if the content from the server is compressed using the gzip, zip, or deflate compression methods. The Decompression tool will then decompress the data before sending the response to the regression control for that test.

The Decompression Tool can also be used by other tools (Messaging or SOAP clients, for example) in cases when compressed content needs to be inflated.

The Decompression tool can be chained to a Message Responder for any compressed incoming requests, and tools (such as Header Data Bank, XML Data Bank, etc.) can the be chained to the Decompression tool.

Configuring Decompression

The Decompression tool only has only one option:

  • Decompression Method: This controls how the data is decompressed when sent to the tool. The decompression tool can be used to decompress Gzip, Zip, and Deflate (zlib) data.
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