The XPath builder helps you quickly build an XPath by selecting elements from a hierarchical representation of the message. The XPath builder opens when you add an XPath, or when you click an existing XPath.

The XPath builder can be used for both XML and JSON messages. The XPath language was originally designed for selecting nodes from XML, but since Parasoft Virtualize/SOAtest converts incoming requests to XML during processing, CTP (and Parasoft Virtualize/SOAtest) can apply XPaths to JSON messages as well as XML messages.

You can click any of the available elements, values, and attributes to build an XPath. Note that the corresponding XPath is automatically added to the XPath field (below the builder).

If an XPath is already specified, the corresponding tree nodes will be highlighted when you open the XPath builder.
If the request message template was previously empty, it will be updated when you first select a value from the XPath builder.



  • To change between tree view and plain text, click Tree and Text.

  • To expand and collapse the tree, use the Expand all fields / Collapse all fields toolbar buttons.
  • Toclose to XPath builder and save your changes, click any other area of the UI. Toclose to XPath builder without saving your changes, press the Esc key.
  • To search for text, use the search field in the toolbar. 
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