This topic explains how to install a remote Data Repository Server. Sections include:


The Data Repository Server runs on the following operating systems:

  • Windows 64-bit distributions for 2008 R2 and higher
  • The following Linux 64-bit distributions:
    • Amazon
    • Debian 7
    • RHEL 5, 6, 7
    • SUSE 11
    • Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04, 14.10
  • Mac OS X
  • You can download the Data Repository server from the Parasoft customer portal.

Installation and Startup/Shutdown

The following distributions are available for download from the custom portal: 


The repository server can be installed on a machine of your choice and does NOT need to be same machine where you are running a Parasoft product. Be sure to use the correct distribution for your operating system. 

  1. Extract .zip file into a location of your choice. 

  2. Start the server by running server.bat (Windows) or (MacOS and Linux).
  3. Verify that the server is running by opening <host>:<port> in a browser window, e.g., localhost:2424. You should see the following message:

You can stop the repository server in Windows by pressing CTRL+C in the console or by running ./ stop on MacOS/Linux.

Additional Information

  • The first time that you run the start command, it will create a user/password for authentication. You can either hard code the credentials in the script (M_USER and M_PASS) or leave those variables empty in the script (in this case, you will be prompted to enter the credentials the first time that you run the start command).
  • If you later (after the initial start) want to change the credentials used to authenticate with the Data Repository Server, you can do that with the user command (which can only be executed when the server is stopped). The credentials can come from the script (M_USER, M_PASS), or you can enter them at the prompt.
  • To register Parasoft Test Data Assistant (TDA) after the initial start, you edit the script to provide the TDA URL, then run the register command. The credentials for connecting to the Data Repository Server can come from the script (M_USER, M_PASS), or you can enter them at the prompt. You must specify the T_USER and T_PASS variables in the script in order to authenticate with Parasoft Test Data Assistant / Parasoft CTP.

Advanced Configuration via the Startup Script

The startup script ( or server.bat) determines settings, such as the data repository server port (default is 2424), username and password, connection properties for Parasoft Test Data Assistant (TDA), etc. If you want to modify the default settings, edit the startup script. Changes will take effect when the script is used to restart the server.

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