To automatically create a test suite from the recorded traffic:

  1. Choose the Traffic> Generate Fixed Messages option in one of the available creation wizards. For details on accessing the wizards, see:
  2. Complete the first page of the Traffic wizard as follows:
    1. Specify the location of the traffic file.
    2. Set the options as desired:
      • Group similar sequential messages into tests parameterized with file data sources: Consolidates structurally similar messages (messages that differ only in text content changes in elements and attributes)  into a single test client that is parameterized with a file data source. This is particularly useful when creating tests from large traffic files: it relieves you from having to create a test for every request message in the file. It also facilitates test maintenance and management, since fewer tests are created and they are better organized.
      • Create Regression Control: Creates regression controls for each test. This allows you to validate whether each request continues to have the expected response (the response captured in the file) when the messages are replayed from SOAtest.
    3. Change the character encoding if needed.

    4. Click Next.
  3. (MQ and JMS only) Specify your connection settings in the next wizard page, then click Next. These settings will be applied to the tools created from this traffic. For details, see Configuring MQ Options and Configuring JMS Options.
  4. Click Finish.

SOAtest will then create tests from the captured  traffic. 

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