SOAtest and Virtualize ship with an extensive set of tools to help you achieve your various goals. You can also extend the tool set by scripting your own tools or integrating third-party tools into the Parasoft environment.

Most test suite test cases are based on a SOAP Client tool and use other tools as “outputs” that operate on the messages that the SOAP Client tool returns. For example, if you wanted to test if a certain SOAP remote procedural call always returned the same output for a given input, you might create a SOAP Client tool, then use a Diff control as its output. Or, if you wanted to test whether a Web service returned values in a correct format, you might create a SOAP Client tool, then use a Coding Standards output to apply a set of rules that checked if the output matched a certain required pattern. If it did, you could attach a regression control to the Coding Standards; SOAtest would then alert you if the Web service failed to match that required pattern in subsequent tests. 

Customizing Tool Settings

You can customize any tool’s settings by modifying options in the tool’s configuration. Double-click the tool's Test Case or Virtual Asset Explorer tree node to access this panel.

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