This topic introduces some common web scenario errors.

There are a few types of errors, with varying severity, that you may encounter when running these particular types of tests:

  • Unable to perform user action: SOAtest was unable to Element <identifier> not found. – The element on which the specific action was to take place was not located on the page at all. This error is fatal if it relates to an action (click, type, etc), and will stop execution of the test suite. If this error occurs during an extraction, then the test suite will continue to run after reporting the error.
  • Firefox browser not installed: This error is due to SOAtest either not being able to locate a version of Firefox via the registry (Windows only), or the supplied path is not pointing to a viable Firefox executable. 
  • Your current version of <browser> is unsupported by SOAtest: This error is the result of attempting to run a browser version that is not supported by SOAtest. See Browser Support for a list of supported versions.
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