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The Load Test perspective is designed to help you prepare your web scenarios for load testing.

You can open this perspective in any of the following ways:

  • Choose Window> Perspective> Open Perspective> Parasoft Load Test.
  • Click the Open Perspective button in the shortcut bar, then choose Parasoft Load Test in the Open Perspective dialog that opens.
  • (After the perspective has been opened once) Click the Parasoft Load Test button in the shortcut bar (on the top right of the workbench).

This perspective is similar to the SOAtest perspective, but it also provides the following features:

  • Two toolbar buttons (Configure for Load Test and Validate for Load Test) which allow you to run automated test configuration and validation.
  • A Load Test Explorer, which lists the available web scenarios. Note that any web scenario components that are not relevant to load testing—for example, browser-based validations or data banks—will not be shown in this view.
  • Load Test Explorer right-click menus for running automated test configuration and validation (the same commands available in the toolbar buttons).
  • Specialized test configuration panels, which are accessed by double-clicking a test in the Load Test Explorer.

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