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You can use Parasoft DTP to trace requirements and defects back to SOAtest test cases. At a glance, the team can gain an objective assessment of which requirements are actually working as expected, which defects are resolved, and which requirements and defects still need testing. This real-time visibility into true requirement and defect status helps you prevent late-cycle surprises that threaten to derail schedules and budgets.

Sections include:

Correlating Code During Implementation

When the team works with tasks, source code that is modified when a task is "active" will be correlated with that task—and any associated requirements or defects specified for that task in DTP.

Correlating Code and Tests via Test Case Execution

DTP can monitor source code that is exercised when a test executes and correlate that source code with the appropriate task, requirement, or defect. 

To do this, you need to:

You can also use the Application Coverage workflow for additional information.

Viewing Correlations in DTP

The Traceability Report extension for DTP enables you to view traceability information in DTP widgets, reports, and other visualizations. See the 2019-03-13_16-06-32_Traceability Report documentation for details on configuring DTP to display traceability information for your SOAtest test cases. 

Determining Which Requirements Require Retesting

See Determining Where Retesting is Needed.

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