You can remove any displayed repository from the Data Repositories view and the Data Repository Server.

If you want to erase a repository’s contents, you apply the Data Repository tool.

Delete and Remove from View

To remove a repository from the Data Repositories view and delete it from the Data Repository Server:

  • Right-click the appropriate repository node in the Data Repositories view, then choose Delete Repository.

Erase Repository Contents

This functionality is not applicable to SQL data sets.

To erase a repository’s content using the Data Repository tool:

  1. Ensure that the Data Repository Server you will be populating is running.
  2. To an existing (or empty) project, create a new .tst or provision action file with an empty test or action suite:

    1. Choose File> New> Test (.tst) file or Provisioning Action (.pvn) file.

    2. Enter a file name, then click Next.
    3. Choose Empty, then click Finish.
  3. Add the Data Repository tool to that suite:
    1. Right-click the Test Suite or Action Suite node and choose Add New> Test or Action.

    2. Select Data Repository Tool, then click Finish.
  4. Configure the Data Repository tool.
    1. Double-click the DataRepository Tool node.
    2. Ensure that the Target Repository is set to the Repository Data Source that you just created.
    3. Select the Erase Repository option.
  5. Select the Data Repository tool that you created, then click the Run toolbar button.
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