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The Parasoft HTTP Archive (HAR) Traffic utility converts HTTP Archive (HAR) files into traffic files that can be used for creating Parasoft virtual assets or test scenarios. HTTP Archive files can be generated by different programs including Fiddler, Charles Web Proxy, and most browsers.

In this section:


  • Java7
  • An HTTP Archive (HAR) file
  • Parasoft SOAtest/Virtualize 9.10 or higher (in order to use the files generated by this extension)


Run the httparchivetrafficutility.jar to convert HAR files into traffic files. The traffic files can then be used to generate virtual assets or test scenarios in Parasoft SOAtest, Virtualize, or Continuous Testing Platform (CTP).

The basic command for running the utility is:

java -jar httparchivetrafficutility.jar <inputHarFile> <outputTrafficFile>

The following example command will create a mynewtraffic.txt file:

java -jar httparchivetrafficutility.jar simple.har mynewtraffic.txt

You can convert the file into a virtual asset or test scenario. See Creating Virtual Assets and Creating Tests From Recorded HTTP, JMS or MQ Traffic.

Third-party Content

This extension includes items that have been sourced from third parties as outlined below.

Additional license details are available in this extension's licenses folder.

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