With SOAtest’s test creation wizard, you can easily and automatically create a series of test cases based on a variety of artifacts and platforms.

SOAtest provides a flexible test suite infrastructure that lets you add, organize, and run your Web service test cases. Each test in a test suite contains a main test tool (usually, a SOAP or REST Client tool), and any number or combination of outputs (other tools, or special output options). 

Once created, tests can be executed as described in Executing Functional Tests. You can also rapidly extend these tests to meet your goals. Foe example, you might want to:

Understanding the Test Creation Wizard

SOAtest automatically generates a suite of SOAP or REST Client test cases from a variety of platforms and artifacts. Rather than creating each of the required tests by hand and adding them to a test suite one at a time, you can point SOAtest to the appropriate resources, and it will automatically generate a suite of test cases that covers every object associated with the corresponding data. In addition, when automatically creating test suites from service descriptions (e.g., OpenAPI/Swagger, WADL, WSDL or WSIL documents), you can organize tests into positive and negative unit tests, and create asynchronous test suites.

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