If you expect to use certain specialized tools (for example a particular XSLT tool or a “chained” tool that operates on a request or response, then sends its output to additional tools, which can send their output to additional tools, and so on) only within the context of the current Responder suite or Action suite, you can add them to the Responder suite or Action suite tool repository, then add them to the Responder suite  or action suite without recreating them each time. (If you plan to use a specialized tool for multiple Responder suites  or action suites, you should add it to the program via the Tools panel available when you choose Tools> Customize.

To add a tool to a Responder suite’s or action suite’s tools repository:

  1. Right-click the desired Responder suite  or action suite node and choose Add New> Global Property. The Add Global wizard displays.
  2. Select Global Tool> [Tool_name] from the Add Global wizard and click Finish. A new tool node displays in the Virtual Asset Explorer tree (under the Tools branch, which will be added if it did not already exist) and a tool configuration panel displays in the right side of the GUI.

  3. Customize that tool’s settings in the tool configuration panel that opens.
  4. You can chain additional tools to that tool as described in Adding an Output.

To use a repository tool, select it from the Existing Tools list that is available when you add a tool or output.

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