SOAtest associates SOA artifacts with the Software AG CentraSite Active SOA registry. This integration enables teams to automatically execute a quality workflow and correlate quality data in context of an SOA Governance initiative.

SOAtest can automatically generate tests at the time the services are published to the Software AG CentraSite Active SOA registry—including functional test cases and WSDL verification tests to ensure WSDLs are compliant to best practices and organizational policies. Policy compliance and functional test results are then reported back to the registry and updated in real-time. This provides continuous visibility into a service's quality throughout its lifecycle.

Test Creation

SOAtest enables users to create tests that enforce policies applied to Web service assets that are declared in a CentraSite Active SOA repository. Users can select a Web service asset and choose the desired policies to enforce. 

For details, see Creating Tests From Software AG CentraSite Active SOA.

Reporting Test Execution Results to CentraSite Active SOA

After running the test suite with the selected CentraSite policies, you can have instant access to quality data associated with the assets in CentraSite. 

To configure SOAtest to send results:

  1. Configure the SOA registry settings as follows:
    1. Choose Parasoft> Preferences.
    2. Open the Parasoft> SOA Registry page.
    3. Indicate the CentraSite URL and username/password.
  2. Enable reporting as follows:
    • In the GUI: In the Parasoft> Preferences> Parasoft> SOA Registry page, enable Send results to CentraSite.
    • From the command line: Add the -CentraSite cli option to your SOAtest command line invocation. For example:
      ./soatestcli -data "C:\My Workspace location" -config "user://Example Configuration" -resource MyProject/mytest.tst -report "C:\directory to save HTML report" -CentraSite

  3. Configure test suite reporting options as follows:
    1. Double-click the root node of the test suite for which you want to configure CentraSite reporting.
    2. In the Test Suite configuration panel that opens, open the Reporting Options tab.
    3. Choose CentraSite from the ReportingOptions box.
    4. Enter the UDDI service key so that SOAtest knows which service this .tst file is associated with (so it can correlate execution results with the appropriate service). This value is the key value found in the TechnicalDetails tab of the CentraSite control Web UI for that particular service.

With this configuration, SOAtest will automatically report the results to CentraSite after the test execution is finished. If you run an individual test or a test suite that is not the top-most root test suite, then the results will not be sent to the registry (because SOAtest assumes you are in the process of configuring the tests). SOAtest sends only full tst execution results in order to avoid sending partial or incomplete results.

To view the data that is reported from SOAtest to CentraSite:

  1. Open CentraSite.
  2. Within the CentraSite interface, click the Service node in the left pane labeled My CentraSite, double-click the name of the desired service from the right pane, and then select the SOA Test Status tab. A summary of the tests run display.

  3. Click the Detailed Report link at the bottom of the SOA Test Status page to view test execution details.

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