One of the greatest challenges of SOA quality is how to validate realistic transactions involving distributed services that may not be available for testing. Consider the example of a services-based account provisioning system that’s losing orders. To solve this problem, the development team has to test the fixed application in a safe sandbox that replicates the transaction flows of the production environment–or risk breaking the system upon redeploying the application.

Parasoft and AmberPoint deliver an integrated solution that helps teams overcome this challenge by automatically emulating–or virtualizing–services based on real-world historical data collected from the runtime environment. With this baseline established, teams can exercise distributed services in context–without impacting partners’ normal business transactions.

Users of  AmberPoint Management System can export their runtime message sets or runtime validation baselines in the production environment, then provide this information to Parasoft SOAtest in order to create tests that can replay the SOAP messages. Users also have the option of establishing the captured response messages as the regression control within the generated tests.

For details, see Creating Tests From AmberPoint Management System.

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