This topic explains how to use the Search and Replace functionality to update tool values as services evolves. Sections include:

About Search and Replace

The search and replace functionality helps you identify and update values that need to be updated as services evolves. For example, if an element or namespace changed, you can use search and replace to update the impacted XPath values in assertion tools, diff tools, data bank tools, etc.

Using Search and Replace

To search for text:

  1. Choose Search> Parasoft Search.
  2. Go to the Parasoft Search tab.
  3. Specify the search criteria as follows:
    • Containing text: Enter the string you want to find. Regular expressions are supported (with the corresponding option enabled). Otherwise, wildcards are not supported.
    • Case sensitive, march entire string, regular expression: Enable these options as needed, based on how you want to search.
  4. If you want to restrict the search to particular tools or particular fields within those tools, select the tool types and field types you want to search. Note that you can select multiple tool types. If you do select multiple tool types, all applicable fields will be shown in the right pane.
  5. If you want to restrict the search to particular resources, use the Scope controls to indicate which resources to cover.
  6. Do one of the following:
    • If you want to automatically update all occurrences found without reviewing them, click Replace and specify how you want to update the identified text.
    • If you want to review the matches before updating them, click Search.
      Any matches found will be displayed in the Search tab.

      From the Search tab, you can review and replace the identified matches. For example, to update all occurrences in a suite, right-click that suite’s node in the Search view, choose Replace All, then specify how you want to update the text. You can also explore and update specific occurrences. 


For a tutorial on using Parasoft Search, see Updating Tests as Services Change.

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