It can be challenging (and time-consuming) to keep your test and/or service virtualization assets in sync with evolving services and changing environment conditions. The more complex the messages and validations you’re working with, the more daunting the task. Parasoft helps you assess and manage how service modifications impact your test and service virtualization assets in two main ways:
  • For messages: Change Advisor automatically identifies how messages sent by your existing assets are impacted by service changes (e.g., renamed operations, added elements or types, modified namespaces, etc.). It also automatically refactors impacted tools (individually or in bulk) based on a change template to either update your existing test or responder suite or create a new one. Change templates are created by reviewing and refining automatically-defined mappings that explain how elements and schemas from the original definition relate to those in the current definition. This ensures that your assets are updated as rapidly, accurately, and intelligently as possible.

  • For tool values: The search and replace functionality helps you identify and update values that need to be changed as services and environments evolve. For example, if an element or namespace changed, you can use search and replace to update the impacted XPath values in assertion tools, diff tools, data bank tools, etc.

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