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With data groups, you can group similar sets of data (such as development environment test data and load/performance test data), then easily switch which data set is used at any given time—without having to edit tools or data sources. 

To use data groups, you group together data sources with common columns. You can then specify "on the fly" which data source should be applied to the virtual asset at the given time. The active data source can be set from the Virtualize UI or from CTP. 

Defining the Available Data Groups

Data groups are defined by adding "data group" type data sources as described in:

After you have defined a data group, be sure to modify the desired responder(s) to use the Data Group data source.

Activating Data Groups for Deployed Virtual Assets

Once data groups are set, you can change the active data source from either the Virtualize Server view or from CTP. This lets you quickly set and change the data values that are used in a particular scenario. 

From the Virtualize Server View

From the Virtualize Server view, you can apply a data configuration to a virtual asset as follows:

  1. Open the virtual asset’s configuration panel (i.e., by double-clicking its node).
  2. Open the Data Sources tab. This will list all of the data groups associated with the virtual asset—as well as all the data sets included in each data group.
  3. Specify which of the available data sets you want to be active in each data group.

  4. Save the changes to the virtual asset.

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