This topic explains how to access the Virtualize API to manage virtual assets and Virtualize servers from a custom application.

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About the Virtualize Service API

Parasoft Virtualize includes a management Web service interface. This interface enables communication between Virtualize installations for moving and copying virtual assets and adjusting deployment settings such as endpoint URLs. The same interface can be leveraged for other integration purposes within the development and testing environment such as ALM tools, application management tools and so on. It provides openness and flexibility to integrate Parasoft Virtualize more tightly into your environment.

The Virtualize web service runs on each remote Virtualize server. The WSDL of this Virtualize web service is available for custom integration purposes—enabling  developers to write custom applications that interact with the Virtualize server. By interacting with the Virtualize service API, a custom program can control Virtualize's server over a network.

Virtualize can be started in web service mode as follows: 

virtualizecli -startServer -data <workspace_dir> -localsettings <localsettings_file>

The -data and -localsettings arguments are optional. 

  • -data specifies the Eclipse workspace location containing your virtual assets cases (.pva files).
  • -localsettings specifies a properties file used to control certain global settings such as license password and Team Server settings. You can use the same options available across Parasoft Test products (e.g., Parasoft SOAtest). You can also use options that are specific to Virtualize and CTP. See Localsettings for details.

When starting Virtualize in this way, the Start deactivated, release automatically when idle option (in Parasoft> Preferences> Parasoft> License) needs to be disabled. Otherwise, you won’t be able to add this server from another Virtualize installation’s UI.


For information on the available operations, see the WSDL at http://VIRTUALIZE_SERVER_NAME/axis2/services/StubService?wsdl and the documentation at http://VIRTUALIZE_SERVER_NAME:9080/axis2/wsdl-docs/StubService.wsdl.xml

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