This topic covers the Scripted view, which can be used to dynamically generate the message from a script.

The Scripted view contains the following options:

LanguageSelect the scripting language in which your script is written.
File(For scripting languages) If you already have a script that dynamically generates the message, use this option to specify the location of that script.\
Text(For scripting languages) Use this option to directly enter in the UI the script that specifies how to dynamically generate the message.
Class (For Java)Use this option to specify the appropriate class in the Class field. Note that the class you choose must be on your classpath.

Use this box to select the argument you want to use. If no arguments are listed for a script, right-click the File or Text text field (click whichever one you used to specify your script), then choose Evaluate from the shortcut menu. If no arguments are listed for a script, check that the specified class file is on your classpath. For general guidelines on adding methods, see Extensibility and Scripting Basics.

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