This topic explains how to configure monitoring for events that are transmitted through Oracle Service Bus (OSB) or BEA Aqualogic Service Bus (ALSB). Sections include:

Service Bus Configuration

  1. Ensure that "Message Reporting" is enabled. This is required so SOAtest can draw message events.
    • For details on how to globally enable message reporting in the bus, refer to the OSB Console Guide at
  2. Add Message Reporting actions to the desired message workflow components as described in
    • For details on how to accomplish this, see

SOAtest Configuration

  1. Configure the SOAtest classpath. By default, OSB is configured to use the built in PointBase relational Database for "Message Reporting" purposes. Parasoft SOAtest uses the OSB message reporting framework to obtain and visualize events (intermediate messages) from the bus by executing SQL queries on the reporting database.
    • If you have a default OSB configuration, then you need the add the PointBase JDBC driver to the SOAtest classpath. This is in a single jar found in your OSB/WebLogic installation directory: ${BEA HOME}/wlserver_10.*/common/eval/pointbase/lib/pbclient5*.jar You need to use the pbclient51.jar for ALSB 3.0 and pbclient57.jar for OSB 10gR3 (each ships with its own jar).
    • If your OSB is configured to use a different database, then you need to provide the database JDBC drivers to the SOAtest classpath.
  2. Set the Event Monitor URL based on the database. For more information, see Database Configuration Parameters.
  3. (Recommended) Open the Options tab and set the delay amount (Event polling delay after each test finishes execution) to 3 seconds or more. By making the event monitor wait for a few seconds before obtaining the events, you can ensure that the events have been logged to the database before the query is executed.

Note that you can click Export Configuration Settings to export these configuration settings to a file, then other team members can reference the settings by selecting the File button and specifying the path to this file.

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