This section introduces the WSDL Semantics Validator, which checks for errors in a WSDL.

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Understanding WSDL Semantics Validator

The WSDL Semantic Checker checks for basic coding errors in a WSDL that are relevant to the meanings and definitions of the elements found within. 

This tool is rarely added to a test suite manually. More often, it is automatically generated from the New .tst/Test Suite wizard when you prompt SOAtest to create WSDL tests from a test wizard.

As a test suite tool, it allows you to check a WSDL as part of your functional test scenario. To check a WSDL during static analysis, use the "Check WSDL Semantics" rule, which is in the Validate XML category. There are no customization options for the static analysis rule; it applies its defaults settings to the specified WSDL. 

Configuring WSDL Semantic Validator

You can customize the following option:

  • WSDL URI: Specifies the WSDL to be checked for errors. Click the Browse button to navigate to the appropriate WSDL file.
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