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The following features and enhancements were added in this release:

Virtualize Community License

Parasoft is proud to announce the release of the Virtualize Community License. This license allows you to use Parasoft Virtualize for free with the following features:

Additional Updates

  • SOAtest/Virtualize Bundled Installer
  • The Virtualize REST API has been updated to include health metrics from Virtualize servers
  • Updated Parabank example

New CTP Workspace Widgets

We've added the following widgets to CTP. 

  • Server Health Metrics: Continuously monitor CPU utilization, disk space, and other metrics related to server health in this widget.  
  • Top Servers by Health Metric: Monitor the top five, 10, or 15 servers consuming the most resources according to a selected metric. Metrics include CPU utilization, disk space used, system memory, and threads. 

Updated Azure Marketplace On-demand Image

We've added new widgets to the on-demand image available in the Azure Marketplace. Visit for additional information.

Resolved PRs/FRs

The following issues were addressed in this release:

122074Error when user creates Component Instance without Environment
122079ORA-01400 Error when Importing Repository into TDM
122121Inconsistency when importing System to EM
122162Quick action to record traffic fails to create message proxy
121373Allow Aggregate DataSource for DS Correlation
121806Unable to Add New Row to a Data Repository containing +1500 rows
122039Support for Method PATCH
121108Enabled "Use SSL" option in Event Monitor is automatically disabled after .tst is closed
121153 Message Stub does not populate Response tab using a RAML URL
121475Reference environment throws error despite it being inactive
121495Content-Disposition header in MIME part contains unexpected newline
121502Update Eclipse Babel language pack to resolve bad Chinese translation in Eclipse dialog
121564Traffic Viewer shows "Error: A schema cannot contain two global
121618DataGroup-DS throws "contains no data" error when one of the data sources is empty
121819Show Japanese help docs in Load Test when in a Japanese environment
122084Enable "Generate CSV data source" to add the columns in the same order shown in the Message
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