Release date: May 10, 2022

Global Authentication

You can now add authentication methods to your test suites so they can be shared among your tests without needing to define authentication settings for each test. A default authentication method can be set for the test suite that will be automatically applied to every test, though individual tests can be configured to use alternative authentication methods, as needed. See "Global Authentications" on the Adding Global Test Suite Properties page. 

API Security

You can now configure penetration testing from CTP. Additionally, we’ve added browser-specific web UI native penetration testing policies. See Penetration Testing for more information. You can also choose to order API Security reports by either Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) or OWASP Top 10. See Understanding Reports for more information.

Message Proxies

An HTTP Forward Proxy mode has been implemented in Virtualize for message proxies to go along with the existing Reverse Proxy mode, allowing users to virtualize mobile application back-ends. In addition, a simple process has been added to change modes, controlling which connection, primary or secondary, is active and which is the backup. See HTTP Reverse Proxy Configuration for more information. In addition, CTP users can now configure message proxies through the web interface. This allows you to configure a different proxy server for traffic to and from different message proxies from either the desktop application or web interface. 

OIDC & PIV/CAC Authentication

You can now configure SOAtest, Virtualize, and CTP to accept authentication from an OpenID Connect (OIDC) identity provider, allowing you to manage user authentication outside of Parasoft. In addition, CTP users can configure CTP to utilize Personal Identity Verification (PIV) or Common Access Cards (CAC) authentication. 

GraphQL Support

SOAtest now has a GraphQL client to allow easy testing of GraphQL services, letting you retrieve specific data from multiple sources in a single call. See GraphQL Client for more information.

Migrating Data Repository Servers

The embedded data repository server has been updated. Any embedded repositories created in previous versions of the application must be migrated to the new server before they can be used in 2022.1. The migration process is automated with a utility available on the customer portal. See Migrating Embedded Data Repository Servers for more information.

Do not uninstall the previous version of the application before completing the migration. The migration utility will need certain resources from the previous version in order to successfully migrate to the new embedded data repository server.

The remote data repository server has been updated as well. Users are not required to update their existing remote data repository servers, but for those who do, a simple migration process is available. See Migrating Data Repository Servers.

Changes in the API That Affect Older Desktops

Changes to the API cause Message Proxies to return a special string, [All], to indicate that the proxy's Path setting should match to all paths on the host. In previous releases, an empty string would have been returned for this. As a result of this change, older desktop clients could save Message Proxies incorrectly. Users should upgrade desktops to 2022.1 as soon as possible.

Additional Updates

  • Added support for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.
  • Added support for the latest Firefox browser.
  • Support for Safari on MacOS has been re-implemented.
  • IPv6 is now supported.
  • Localsettings has been renamed to Settings. As a result, the -localsettings argument is now -settings.
  • Added search functionality in test data repository table editors in CTP.
  • The embedded Jython includes the Python standard library and you no longer need to set up a separate Jython installation to import modules from the Python standard library.
  • Int data type fields in the REST API - /status/health are now updated to use a Long data type. If you have built extensions using the Java REST API client, upgrade to the latest code.

  • Clients chained to responders can now use the special host name host.virt.internal to route messages directly to virtual assets.
  • Change Impact Analysis and Static Analysis results now appear in XML/HTML reports (in 2021.2, the Legacy Report Format was required to see them).
  • The process for importing results from an XML report via local file or URL has been updated. As a result, importing results from legacy report formats is no longer supported while in default report mode, though you can switch to legacy report mode to do these imports if needed. For more information about switching to legacy report format, see Configuring Report Settings.

  • Users of the Data Masking Tool will need to upgrade the tool after installing 2022.1. Download the latest version from the Advanced Virtualization Pack from the customer portal to update your version of the Data Masking Tool.
  • Upgrading to 2022.1 might cause machine ID change on Windows and Linux. Verify your machine ID before requesting a new license from Parasoft. For information about verifying your machine ID, see Using a Local License.
  • Load Test users who get their licenses through Parasoft License Server will need to update their connection settings to License Server as the configuration has changed. See Parasoft Load Test Introduction and Load Test Command Line Interface for more information.

  • CTP now requires Java 11. Existing CTP installations will need to switch to Java 11 when upgrading if they were previously running with Java 8.
  • Marketplace has been removed from CTP. Parasoft marketplace artifacts are available on the customer portal.
  • CTP no longer supports connecting to SOAtest & Virtualize 9.10.x. CTP 2022.1 is compatible with SOAtest & Virtualize 2020.1 and later.
  • Support for HP ALM and HP Quality Center has been deprecated.
  • Team Server functionality is deprecated. Publishing reports to and importing reports from the Team Server is no longer supported.
  • The deprecated Suppressions view has been removed. If you upgrade SOAtest when the Suppressions view is open in you IDE, you may need to manually close the view after upgrade.
  • WebLogic Monitor in Load Test is no longer supported.
  • Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported.
  • Support for Jetty, WildFly, and WebSphere servlet containers has ended.
  • The TCP connection type for license servers is no longer supported. Legacy license servers using a TCP connection type should switch to HTTP/S.

Resolved PRs and FRs

CTP-6295Execute jobs with modified environment variables using CTP REST API
CTP-6309Provisioning redeploy virtual assets from unchanged component instances
CTP-7714Generated CURL commands from CTP API page have incorrect number of backslashes
CTP-7792Automatically expand event message headers when payload is empty
CTP-7862Timeout from test suite's client options not shown in test cases
CTP-7960Component status is invalid (offline) when using IPv6 address for read endpoint
CTP-7998Update spring framework libraries to 5.3.18 to address CVE-2022-22965

Improve loadtest CLI bad license error message to include reason


Client tools send wrong request when tests run concurrently and HTTP keep-alive are both enabled


SOAtest crashes after multiple refreshes of Form View or Traffic Viewer


Timeout not being applied to HTTP socket when keep-alive enabled - test times out earlier than expected


SOAtestcli: multi-tool error thrown when using a filepath for -config


Upgrade log4j2 CVE-2021-44228


SOAtest Does Not Start When Pointing to an IBM JDK


When "Use Data Source: Exclude with Empty String" is on on the second element (or next) it always applies it to the first element


Can't import standard python modules

SOA-14786 from localsettings not used in Jtest coverage report


Document how to run SOAtest with different JDK in Linux


Incorrect summary results presented by SOAtest in HTML report


"recv failed" error from localhost when reusing keep-alive connection after long before-test delay on Windows

SOA-15033SOAtest Unable to Email Report

ISO Listener fails to start in tomcat9

VIRT-5166SOAVirt API Page Blank
VIRT-5215Virtualize DB Tool to close connections on undeployment
VIRT-5388Message Proxy rewrite path for REST URL Data Bank
VIRT-5403Multiple Responses Custom Correlation does not access data bank variable
VIRT-5427With Data Groups as data source for PVA can not find key column for correlation


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