In this release:

Release date: May 6, 2019

New Data Repository CRUD Tool

Virtualize and SOAtest now ship with a native CRUD tool that enables you to create stateful virtual services. The tool can create, update, and delete records in connected data repositories in response to request messages. As a result, your virtual services behave even more like real applications. See Data Repository CRUD tool for details.

Improved Support for SOAtest Reports in DTP

SOAtest has been able to publish reports to DTP since 9.10.2, but with updates to the Environment Manager Plugin for Jenkins, as well as enhancements in DTP, you can now view aggregated functional and non-functional testing data in DTP alongside your static analysis and unit testing data. The Jenkins plugin allows you to associate test execution results with specific projects in DTP.  DTP will aggregate the information, making it much easier for QA leadership to understand a portfolio level view of their applications health and make better decisions on its release readiness.

Global SSL Configuration for IBM MQ

You can now configure global MQ SSL connections on the Virtualize server and reuse them in virtual assets and proxies. Additionally, you can configure suite-level SSL MQ settings in SOAtest and reuse them in any tests in the test file.

Data Repository Server Moved to Customer Portal

The data repository server is now available as a separate download from the customer portal. This change enables customers to readily access and deploy Parasoft data repositories without having to download a SOAtest or Virtualize desktop. The server is no longer included with desktop products.

New JSON Validator Tool

The new JSON Validator checks JSON messages and reports a failure if the requests and responses are not well-formed according to the RFC 4627 version of the JSON standard. The tool can also validate JSON payloads against schema definitions. You can use JSON Validators as standalone tools to manually validate JSON, or connect it to tools that send or receive messages in JSON format to verify that the payloads are valid. See JSON Validator.

SOAtest Views

You can now add SOAtest Servers to your SOAtest perspective. The SOAtest server view enables you to manage test assets deployed to a local or remote SOAtest server, including drag-and-drop test case deployment.See SOAtest Server View for details.

The previous version of the SOAtest Server view has been renamed to the Legacy Stub Server view.See Legacy Stub Server View for details.

Usability Improvements

A right-click action has been added to the navigator view that enables you to quickly add folders to your Test Assets and Virtual Assets structures. If you are upgrading from a previous version, you must either reset your workspace perspective or create a new workspace to use this feature. To reset, right-click the perspective in the Perspectives tool bar and choose Reset. If you have a customized perspective, enable the Also discard perspective's customization option.

Asynchronous Processing

Asynchronous processing enables better concurrency when responders are configured with delays (e.g., in performance profiles). You can now control how the SOAtest/Virtualize Server processes requests by setting the asynchronous processing system properties during startup. See the following sections:

Continuous Testing Platform

We've made the following enhancements to CTP.

Contextual Quick Scripts

Click on the info icon in CTP interfaces to view a sample cURL command that you can use in your batch scripts to automate CTP actions.

Quick scripts appear in screens associated with the following actions:

  • Executing test jobs
  • Provisioning environments
  • Restoring repository backup
  • Generating from a data model

Update Variable Sets for Test Scenario Jobs

If multiple environments are available for the scenario, you can use the new Variable set option in the API Testing interface to map a variable set to each test scenario in your job.  Variable sets defined in the test scenario will automatically be configured to use the existing values, but you can choose Literal from the drop-down menu and specify specific values. Literal fields are pre-populated with local variables if available.

Ability to Upload Replacement Virtual Assets and Test Files

You can now choose to replace .pva and .tst files without affecting jobs or component instances. You can also upload multiple files at the same time. SOAtest/Virtualize 9.10.3 or newer is required.

Ability to Specify Test Configurations for Jobs

You can now specify a test configuration to execute when configuring jobs. By default, the configuration specified on the server is used.

Additional Updates

  • Added the ability to quickly start and stop monitoring assets from the Environment Manager module Workspace tab in CTP.
  • Added access to test execution reports to top-level elements in the Environment Manager module of CTP. If an environment shows a Asset Health Alert icon, you can hover your pointer over the icon and click any test results link that pop up to quickly view the API Testing report.
  • Added support for working with x-www-form-urlencoded payloads in the API Testing module of CTP.
  • Added the ability to set valid response codes for REST Clients and SOAP Clients in CTP.
  • The systems report in EM now displays system version.
  • Added support for OpenJDK.
  • Support for CentraSite Active SOA has been deprecated.
  • Support for Rational TestManager has been deprecated.

Resolved PRs and FRs

CTP-1252Option to select Test Configuration for individual tests
CTP-3942Allow users to parameterize the CTP Job name to a Jenkins environment variable in the Parasoft Environment Manager plugin
CTP-4073Support form URL encoded payloads in CTP
CTP-4167 Ability to get report of test execution at environment top level
CTP-4174 Toggle component monitoring and view event messages from environment top level
CTP-4175Edit valid response codes for REST Clients and SOAP Clients in CTP
CTP-4227Provisioning button unavailable "This environment is already..."
CTP-4268Refreshing SOAtest server does not update job environment variable names
CTP-4303Creating PVA in Folder Named "VirtualAssets" Causes Error
CTP-4305    Allow multi-file selection when uploading files to CTP
CTP-4307Jenkins Doesn't Continue Builds After a Job Fails
CTP-4308Updating Job History Days Limit Throws Error
CTP-4331API That Retrieves the Traffic from Each TST Executed Within a CTP Job
CTP-4332API To Stop TST Runs Started by CTP Jobs
CTP-4335The "Execute" button is active and allows to run tst before "Save" action
CTP-4336Clear Jobs on Startup
CTP-4394'Append Variable Set to session tag' to the Jenkins CTP jobs plugin
CTP-4439 The systems report in EM should display system version
CTP-4401Request to Have CTP Periodically Check that PSTsec is Running
LT-935Object is not selected error when executing a Load Test in Japanese OS
LT-1242Test that have a OpenAPI/Swagger service definition fail in Load Test
LT-1244Fix dependencies initialization performance issue for extra large number of dependencies
LT-1245Add ability to disable dependencies synchronization by default
LT-1249Update supported versions listed by Tomcat monitor
LT-1261License server VU licensing broken on Japanese OS
LT-1264Unable to get specific VU license in certain cases
SOA-470JSON Schema Validator
SOA-5996Test Maintainability report shows loading icon when test name contains an xpath
SOA-7444Support IBM MQ 9
SOA-9338Wrong assertion will be updated in XML Assertor after COPY&PASTE
SOA-9374Project Folder Default TST is Overwritten When New Project with the Same Name is Created
SOA-10595Hide masked environment variable values when shown in resolved URL or in traffic viewer
SOA-10641SAML Assertion 1.1 - Cannot Remove/Edit SAML Statements
SOA-10686Incorrect CONNECT request when connecting over SSL via proxy
SOA-10786Traffic unavailable in report after being cleared from cache as a result of a race condition.
SOA-10810Parasoft Findings support Bamboo Version 6.7.1+
SOA-10815Writable DS in standard test append "per iteration" mode broken by default with "Show all iterations"
SOA-10860Unable to end session with SOAtest Smart API Test Generator Chrome extension
SOA-10890Http request to origin server over https proxy contains absolute URL
SOA-10908Login dialog popping up during test creation from WSDL even though global auth configured
SOA-10910'Server API Enabled' Feature Should Not be Required to Create Smart API Tests
SOA-10961XSL File Reference Not Resolving to Correct File
SOA-10970QualityCenter integration script Reports Even on Failed CLI Commands
SOA-11137Previous Data Source Row Test Run Traffic Not Removed When the Test Is Skipped
SOA-11138Specific OpenAPI 2.0 YAML File Is Causing Error With Change Template
SOA-11145Change Template Overrides Elements
SOA-11200DB Tool - Signer Information Does Not Match
SOA-11205Auto-Refresh DB Tool When the Input File Is Changed
SOA-11408Data Source "Open Data File" option does not support environment variables
SOA-11486Add Canonical XML 1.1 (c14n11) algorithm to XML Signer
SOA-11554HP Quality Center Script no longer prints soatestcli arg line
SOA-11561SMTP - Japanese Characters Get Garbled When Used in Sender Field
VIRT-469Add MQ SSL Settings to Virtual Asset Deployment Settings
VIRT-2708Option to configure logging to not log message for requests that don't find a responder
VIRT-2759Chained tools on outgoing response will be executed when data source correlation and failover used
VIRT-2797Virtualize War installation does not include default keystore/Truststore
VIRT-2801When floating license used, Activate License will not bring Event Details Perspective working
VIRT-2835Deploying by drag & drop does not redeploy existing assets
VIRT-2933XML Conversion section of options not present

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