Release date: October 10, 2018

In this release, we focused on new features and functionality in the SOAtest Smart API Test Generator that give you greater control over test creation. You can now teach the test generator how to interact with your APIs, including how to authenticate, which headers to include, how to assert on data responses, and when to track response differences.

Training the Smart API Test Generator

The workflow for training the test generator is supported by the following new tools and interfaces.

  • Resource Templates: Define specific test generation behaviors or "rules" in Resource Templates by attaching JSON Assertors, Extension Tools, and other SOAtest outputs to the template. 
  • Resource Suites: Use Resource Suites to specify the API paths the rules defined in your Resource Templates should apply to. You can also nest Resource Suites to apply specific test generation rules at different endpoints on the API path.
  • Smart Test Template files: Resource Templates and Resource Suites are collected in Smart Test Template (.stt) files. 
  • HTT Authentication toolsThe HTTP Authentication tool is a special outputs attached to a Resource Template for configuring authentication credentials for your generated tests. When the Smart API Test Generator matches the settings in the Resource Template, credentials configured in the HTTP Authentication tool are applied to the generated tests. 
  • HTT Header tools: The HTTP Header tool is a special output attached to a Resource Template for configuring the headers in your generated tests. When the Smart API Test Generator matches the settings in the Resource Template, headers configured in the HTTP Authentication tool are applied to the generated tests. 
  • Smart Test View: You can create and configure Smart Test Template files in the new SOAtest Smart Test View. 

Training Options

You have three options for training the Smart API Test Generator:

  • Create an empty .stt file and manually add Resource Suites, Resource Templates, and outputs.  
  • Automatically set up your .stt file structure based on a definition file, such as OpenAPI (Swagger), RAML, or WADL.   
  • Use the Train Smart Test Template feature to automatically create and configure your .stt based on an existing .tst file

See Parasoft Recorder for details.

Additional Updates

  • The Diff tool now supports the ability to compare comments in XML diff mode. See Diff for additional information.
  • Clicking on the SOAtest Smart API Test Generator notification now automatically refreshes the server and opens the test in CTP.
  • Updated the ParaBank demo application.
  • The database backup API in Continuous Testing Platform is now public. 
  • The SOAtest structure report has been updated to improve readability. 
  • You can now specify a different character encoding for outgoing messages in clients and responders. You can configure the outgoing message encoding for each Messaging, REST, SOAP, or EDI client individually or configure message encoding at the suite or system level. See the following documentation:

  • The default value for the includeContentTypes property in SOAtest Smart API Test Generator's tst_configuration.properites file has been updated:

  • Parasoft Concerto is no longer supported. Connect SOAtest to Parasoft DTP instead.

Resolved PRs and FRs

CTP-4064SOAtest server refresh action blocked on SOAtest Server webpage
CTP-4052Enable scrolling for large error messages thrown during failure of a job execution
CTP-4037Improved warning message when deleting a component type.
CTP-3977Made database backup API public
LT-1222Document 'Set Graph Shape' feature
LT-1221Bell distribution is lost when switching to "Directed Profiles" scenario type
LT-1218Long Delays When Running Scenario/Selecting Project Configuration
LT-1216Tests that reference Global Tools don't run on remote machines
LT-1214Load Test Agents Fail to Operate Every Other Scenario
LT-1055Intermittent LT failure
SOA-10588HTML Report Shows Inconsistent Order of Results from Diff Tool
SOA-10583Write File tool writes file into wrong directory
SOA-10579Log message to console when report published to DTP
SOA-10534Update regression controls incorrectly logs that it was unable to update regression control
SOA-10531Inconsistent order of results from parameterized Diff Tool in Quality Tasks view
SOA-10517Smart traffic creation builds bad form json for payload with mixed types
SOA-10460Performance issue with parameterizing diff controls
SOA-10394Filename with Japanese characters garbled in multipart payload
SOA-10276REST API error response when data source and environment have same name
SOA-10194Data Group Failing In CTP
SOA-10160Optimized opening large reference TSTs
SOA-10158XML Validator checking xml-exc-c14n PrefixList as NMTOKENS instead of string list
SOA-10087Unable to connect with SOAtest server due to "missing" license feature
SOA-10039Aggregate tool fails to display previously selected tools
SOA-9978database data source does not work with SQLite
SOA-9463Specify encoding for Write File tool
SOA-6577Add Messaging/REST Client option to override character encoding
VIRT-2696Documentation for licensing SOAtest when starting soavirt.war in a Docker container
VIRT-2668Replace with data source option not working in Form JSON responder
VIRT-2666Allows users to use Drag&Drop for Virtualize in clustering mode.
VIRT-2627Traffic file with xml request and plain text response causes NPE during parameterized traffic creation
VIRT-2507Apache Axis2 Version Triggering Security Vulnerability
VIRT-2002Responder set encoding of a response
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