Release date: April 30, 2018

Record Traffic in Real-time and Automatically Create Tests

The SOAtest Smart API Test Generator is a plug-in for Google Chrome that converts manual UI tests into automated API tests. The Smart Generator alleviates the need for specialized technical expertise required to adopt an API testing strategy.

Features and Benefits

  • Converts browser interactions with the application under test into automated API tests
  • Reduces the level of technical expertise usually required to test APIs
  • Empowers testers at all levels to start creating automated API tests

See Parasoft Recorder for details.

Additional Updates

Support for STR Dereference Transform (STR-Transform) has been added (see XML Signer).

Resolved FRs and PRs

SOA-9299Support STR Dereference Transform (STR-Transform) when signing wsse:SecurityTokenReference
VIRT-2584Parasoft JDBC - support recording result sets when getMoreResults is true
VIRT-2583PVA Needs to Be Reloaded to See New JSON Data Bank Parametrized Extractions
VIRT-2582Bad parameter Exception from JDBC Proxy Driver
VIRT-2581Events Details shows message content before alteration done by XML Transformer
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