Release date: April 27, 2021 

Ability to Specify a Service Definition in the Traffic Wizard

You can now specify a service definition file when creating parameterized and fixed clients and responders in the traffic wizard, which provides the following benefits:

  • Improved message grouping: SOAtest and Virtualize can create groups based on endpoints defined in the service definition file, rather than similar path segments, resulting in more accurate groupings.
  • Improved data source correlationsVirtualize can create data source correlations for message responders based on the service definition file. As a result, data source correlations created in the traffic wizard will be more accurate than using the traffic file alone.  
  • Constrain to service definition or template fileYou can now enable the traffic wizard to constrain message groups to those that appear in a template or service definition file. This enables the wizard to ignore message groups that are not related to the test scenario.  

Ability to Disable Individual Tests in CTP Jobs 

CTP users can now disable individual tests within a job before execution, providing additional flexibility for ad-hoc testing. 

Sequence Message Responders in CTP

You can now add Sequence Message Responders to PVAs from CTP. Sequence Message Responders enable you to configure a sequence of literal response messages that are sent with each request starting with the first message in the configuration. 

Requirements View in SOAtest

You can view requirements managed by your ALM/RMS in the new Requirements View. The view shows which test cases cover the requirements so that you can easily identify gaps in requirement coverage. The view also supports drag-and-drop test associations, so you can immediately cover the requirements gap with tests in the Test Case Explorer. You can also execute tests from the view.  

The requirements traceability workflow that includes importing requirements from DTP requires DTP 2020.2 or newer.

Execute Tests Associated with Specific Work Items

You can now specify which tests you want to execute by including the work item IDs. This feature is supported on the command line, as well as in the REST API.

Support for Java 11

  • SOAtest and Virtualize are now supported for Java 11. The embedded data repository server and the WebMethods tool, however, are not supported on Java 11.
  • The soatvirt.war now supports Java 11 for deployment on Tomcat 9 servlet containers.
  • CTP now supports OpenJDK Java 8 and Java 11. 
  • Load Test now supports Java 11. The WebLogic JMX monitor feature, Call Back tool, and Message Stub tool are not supported when running Load Test on Java 11.

Additional Updates

  • Eclipse 4.2 and 4.3 are no longer supported for p2 installations.
  • CTP no longer ships with the License Server web archive. You can download License Server as a separate product and deploy it to your infrastructure if License Server is required in your organization. Contact your Parasoft representative for additional information.
  • You now have the option to delete references to global tools when deleting the global tool.
  • Tomcat 7 and 8.0.x are no longer supported containers for deploying the SOAtest and Virtualize server. Tomcat 8.5.x, which Apache considers Tomcat 8 on the Apache Tomcat download website, is still supported.
  • You can now provide a proxy auto-configuration (PAC) file's URL when starting the SOAtest Web Proxy so that HTTP proxy information from the PAC file can be resolved when using Parasoft Recorder to capture API traffic. 
  • CTP now supports MariaDB (version 10.5).
  • When a masked CTP system or component variable is mapped to a .tst environment variable in SOAtest, provisioning the environment or executing the job will automatically mask the variable in the .tst.
  • The logging library has been upgraded from log4j version 1 to log4j version 2. If you use a custom logging file when starting the desktop or if you customized the default.logging.xml or debug.logging.xml file shipped with soavirt.war, refer to to the log4j2 documentation for information about reapplying your customizations as log4j2 introduces syntax changes that may affect your configurations.  
  • The soavirt.war now supports custom report formats.
  • Multibyte characters (e.g., Japanese characters) are now supported in data repository column names, record type names, and data set names. 
  • You can now use the JaCoCo coverage library when collecting runtime coverage data for test impact analysis with SOAtest. 
  • You can now send anonymous usage data to Parasoft so that we can understand usage and provide a better product experience. 
  • Addressed log4j vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 in version 2021.1.1.

Resolved PRs and FRs

CTP-4757Ability to execute a Job and publish to DTP via Azure DevOps plugin
CTP-4767Support for MariaDB
CTP-5872CTP Jobs Support Disabling Test Within Job
CTP-5892Hard masking for variables defined in system/environments
CTP-6145CTP>MySQL Database update 156 failed
CTP-6346Unresponsive SOAtest Server locks up entire CTP Execution Group
CTP-6346Unresponsive SOAtest Server locks up entire CTP Execution Group
CTP-6363Jobs executed come up with "no tests executed"
LT-916Add "unlimited" option to the -licenseVUs cmd. line arg.
LT-1316Add basic (5VU) option to the GUI licence server license configuration.
SOA-4646Carry over parameterization when switching view from Form Input to Form XML and vice versa
SOA-6377REST client - Search and Replace not working for Form JSON
SOA-13012Parasoft Recorder is not able to use proxy PAC file
SOA-13023Referenced test skipped during Create/Update Regression Control
SOA-13108Datasource configured within disabled chained Diff tool causes wrong data source iteration
SOA-13112MQ - Add support for reading message from queue as binary
SOA-13115NPE when saving environment reference that allowed masked variable to be modified
SOA-13140Java Project wizard adds com.parasoft.api.jar to preferences classpath
SOA-13233DB Tool Not Returning Same Value Format from Microsoft SQL Server Query
SOA-13270Failure to create external regression controls when filename has illegal character
SOA-13315Diff tool using file loses property name when modifying ignored difference
VIRT-4179Support OpenJDK 11
VIRT-4266First Data TCP Socket Listener/Transport
VIRT-4343Message proxy does not send message body for DELETE
VIRT-4367Allow users to remove multi-selected correlations for a group in parameterized traffic wizard
VIRT-4377Text Data Bank unable to extract value when chained to XML Validator
VIRT-4380Creating Responder from Swagger should enable conversion for JSON payloads
VIRT-4446Add support for chunked transfer-encoding from a responder without initial request from client.
VIRT-4498Duplicated header Transfer-Encoding: chunked from PVA

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