This is a major release that includes several changes that affect legacy functionality. The following changes enable us to evolve and adapt to new and emerging technologies and application development strategies:

Release date: October 26, 2020 

Updated Installer 

  • The Parasoft Test directory is no longer created during installation. All related dependencies have been merged into the main installation directory, which makes SOAtest and Virtualize more portable and flexible.
  • We've updated the JDK shipped with SOAtest and Virtualize to Zulu JDK, which is a widely-supported OpenJDK implementation. 
  • The standalone desktop now ships with Eclipse 2020-06 (4.16.0).

Updated Smart API Test Creation Configurations

We've made the following improvement to the smart API test generation workflow. 

Application-specific Smart API Test Creation Properties Files

The smart API test generator can now use Salesforce- or Guidewire-specific configurations to create tests from API traffic captured with Parasoft Recorder. SOAtest ships with additional files that are automatically added to the TestAssets/test_templates directory in the workspace. The configurations are used when SOAtest detects that the Salesforce or Guidewire application type has been selected during recording. 

Updated Wizard for Generating Smart API Tests

The Generate Smart API Tests wizard now allows you to specify the test creation file to use when generating tests. By default, the wizard prompts you to use the configuration file for general, Salesforce, and Guidewire applications shipped with SOAtest, but you can create multiple instances so that you can customize test generation for a variety of cases.Refer to Creating Smart API Tests from Traffic for additional information.

Versioning for Smart API Test Creation Properties

The file used to configure smart API tests is now automatically prepended with new features available in the latest release. Previously, the existing file was preserved in order to maintain custom configurations. In this update, custom configurations are still preserved, but any new parameters are added to the file with default configurations. 

Refer to Configuring Smart API Test Generation for details.

Parasoft Recorder no longer ships with the file. Instead, the recorder ships with a file, which is not used by default.  

Refer to the Parasoft Recorder documentation for details.

Upgrade Notes

All test creation configuration files will now be generated in the <WORKSPACE>/TestAssets/test_templates directory instead of the <WORKSPACE>/TestAssets directory. If you have an existing file in the TestAssets directory, it will be moved to the new location when the workspaces is restarted. 

New Task Suppression Format 

Suppressions for static analysis violations and failed test case steps are now added to a parasoft.suppress file, which can be stored in source control along with your test files. As a result of this change, the Suppressions View has been deprecated and will only show suppressions created in older versions of SOAtest as read-only.     

End of Life for Legacy Functionality

The following functionality, tools, and integrations have been removed in this update.

Legacy Browser Testing Engine

The Parasoft legacy browser testing engine is no longer supported and has been removed. 

SOAtest will use the Selenium WebDriver to play back your tests, but you may be required to manually update tests that were configured to playback with the Parasoft legacy engine. See About the Selenium WebDriver Engine for additional information.

SOAtest Legacy Stubs Server

The SOAtest legacy stubs server has been removed. Existing stubs under the stubs project folder will no longer be deployed. Stubs will automatically be converted to virtual assets when the Virtualize license is applied.

If Virtualize detects the Stubs project when starting on a workspace that contains SOAtest stubs, it will automatically copy the files to the VirtualAssets project. Stub .tst files will be changed to .pva files and deployments based on the existing stubs.xml file in the Stubs project will be created.

You can initiate the migration process by shutting down SOAtest and Virtualize and deleting the VirtualAssets project. The automatic migration process will be triggered when the product starts up.

Built-in ISO 8583 Functionality

Native support for ISO 8583 has been removed. To replace this functionality, you can download and deploy the Parasoft ISO 8583 Extensions. Contact your Parasoft representative for details.

Existing ISO 8583 Message Clients and Responders will no longer be available or function after upgrading, so you should install the Parasoft ISO 8583 Extensions and migrate existing ISO 8583 configurations to the extension prior to upgrading.  

AmberPoint Test Creation

SOAtest no longer creates tests from AmberPoint SOAP message files. Existing tests created from AmberPoint files will still function.

Asynchronous Request Tests

You can no longer configure SOAtest to generate asynchronous request tests when creating tests from web recordings.

Auto-generated Response Stubs

You can no longer configure SOAtest or Virtualize to automatically create response stubs when creating tests from web recordings.

BEA AquaLogic 

SOAtest no longer generates tests based on services declared in a BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Repository. Existing tests created from BEA repositories will still function, but compliance policy and functional test results will no longer be reported to the registry. 

CentraSite Active SOA Registry

SOAtest no longer generates tests based on services published to CentraSite Active SOA registries. Existing tests created from using the CentraSite integration will still function, but compliance policy and functional test results will no longer be reported to the registry. 

Jtest Integration

The integration with Parasoft Jtest 9.x has been removed, which affects the following functionality:

  • Runtime error detection by executing Jtest from SOAtest has been removed.
  • The Jtest Tracer tool has been removed.
  • Event monitoring for Java applications has been removed.  

JUnit Test Creation

  • The ability to record or generate JUnit tests from web recording has been removed. 
  • The webking.api.browser and webking.api.browser2 packages were removed from the Extensibility API. 

XML in SOAtest and Virtualize Server REST API

The application/xml media type is no longer supported when communicating with any version of the REST API. 

Removed Support for Source Control Management Systems

Support for the following SCMs is removed:

  • AccuRev
  • ClearCase
  • CVS
  • Serena Dimensions
  • StarTeam
  • Synergy CM
  • Visual Source Safe

Additional Updates

  • CTP now requires SOAtest and/or Virtualize 9.10.0 and later to use core functionality.
  • CTP now ships with HyperSQL Database 2.5.1.
  • CTP now supports Oracle Database 19c. 
  • CTP support for Oracle Database 11g has been removed.
  • The Event Messages view has been added to the Service Virtualization module in CTP.
  • Provision-level users in CTP can now modify job execution variables but the changes still cannot be saved.
  • You can now load JAR files uploaded to the system_jars folder by refreshing the server from CTP. 
  • The SOAtest and Virtualize server .war is now certified for deployment to Tomcat 9.  
  • Support for connecting to remote SOAtest/Virtualize servers 9.10.7 and older from the desktop has ended.
  • The Requirements field in CTP interfaces (test scenarios, REST clients, SOAP clients, etc.) has been changed to Work items.
  • Added the ability to filter the Modification History CSV files generated in CTP by date range.
  • Safari is no longer supported for web testing.

Resolved PRs and FRs

CTP-5816Tests That Use An Environment Reference Fail When Execute Button is Selected From CTP
CTP-5870Can't Switch Environments for Tests That Have An Environment Reference
CTP-5887Job History UI Shows Wrong Environment Information During Parallel Job Execution
LT-1318Referenced test suites break HPM mode and slow down profiles manipulation

Temporary space filled up by parasoft files

SOA-12499Describe OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials Flow in the HTTP protocol section of the docs
SOA-12504Create/update regression control runs setup/teardown tests in wrong order
SOA-12575Environment Password Exposed In SOAtest Report Even With the -J-Dparasoft.hideMaskedEnvironmentVariables=true Startup Arg
SOA-12696REST Client - add support for "application/vnd.api+json"
SOA-12756Ship SOAtest/Virtualize with Newer Java 8 Release
SOA-12760Remove traffic duplication in XML/HTML reports in SOAtest desktop
SOA-12777Unable to authenticate via NTLM due to uppercase domain being sent in NTLM Type 3 message
SOA-12808Regression control reporting no diff control to map with
SOA-12809Regression control update parameterized has wrong data source columns
SOA-12852OpenAPI - can not detect JSON schema for $refs to requestBodies
SOA-12893 Docs mention search and replace option to disable tests in bulk
SOA-12928Masked environment variable shown plaintext in console when extracted by databank
VIRT-4104Release Port when IMS and Websocket listener PVAs are disabled
VIRT-4110Custom listeners - add API for asynchronous message handling
VIRT-4120Unable to create proper array in Data Repository Server when PVA with japanase characters used.

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