This topic explains how to configure emails settings, which are used for report notifications and for sending files to Parasoft Technical Support. These settings can be configured in the GUI or from the localsettings.

Sections include:

From the GUI

The following settings in the Preferences panel (Parasoft> E-mail) can be used to configure email settings:

SMTP host nameSpecifies the name of the mail server host.
SMTP port Specifies the mail server host’s port number.
Connection security Specifies the desired security. SSL is not available in Visual Studio.
Server authentications Specifies the authentication required for the mail server host.
passwordSpecifies the mail server authentication password. 
Sender e-mail addressSpecifies the email address of the sender.

For a general discussion of setting preferences from the GUI, see Configuring SOAtest Across Teams.

From localsettings

You can specify email settings in the localsettings file and share them with your team. See Configuring SOAtest Across Teams for details.

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