This release includes the following enhancements:

Release date: May 4, 2020

Sequence Response Responders

Virtualize now includes JSON and Literal Sequence responders, which send messages in the configured sequence when consecutive requests are sent to the virtual asset. The responder loops back to the first message once all the message responses have been served. This enables you to create test scenarios in which repeated calls to an application require a series of different messages, such as a ticketing system designed to dynamically respond to multiple requests. 

Updated Multiple Responses Responder

The following updates to the Multiple Responses responder have been made in this release:

  • Response correlations options now include transport headers, methods, and scriptable custom requests
  • Right-click action for copying and pasting response configurations
  • Ability to configure a parameterized delay for responses 

Message Proxy Organization

You can now organize message proxies and message proxy folders in the server view using the following right-click actions:

  • Drag and drop: Click and drag proxies and folders into folders
  • Copy and paste: Copy and paste proxies and folders into folders
  • Create and delete: Create and delete new folders for organizing your proxies 

The /messageProxies API endpoint POST, PUT, and GET methods have been enhanced to facilitate this functionality

Requirements and Defect Tracking Annotations

SOAtest now supports @test annotation. This enables test results to be tracked in external work management/ALM systems integrated with DTP. See the DTP documentation for additional information. Support for the @asset annotation has been removed.   

Tomcat Server Upgraded for SOAtest and Virtualize Server

The version of Tomcat shipped with SOAtest and Virtualize server has been been upgraded to 8.5. We've added support for configuring relaxed path properties for HTTP Listeners so that you can address any changes to server behavior related to this update. Refer to the Tomcat documentation for additional information about Tomcat configuration:

Upgrade Notes

If you've made modifications to the server.xml file, you should copy the attributes configured in the <Connector> element to the new server.xml configuration file. Refer to the following sections for additional information about configuring Tomcat for the SOAtest and Virtualize Server:

SOAtest and Virtualize Server API Update

We've updated the API documentation to use OpenAPI 3.0. In addition to an updated API documentation UI, the definition files are now available at the following paths:

  • http://<host>:<port>/soavirt/api/<version>
  • http://<host>:<port>/soavirt/api/<version>/openapi.yaml
  • http://<host>:<port>/soavirt/api/<version>/openapi.json

The def path of the resource URL was removed from the API definition:

  • http://<host>:<port>/soavirt/api/<version>/def
  • http://<host>:<port>/soavirt/api/<version>/def/<resource name>

For example, the following URLs will no longer work:

  • http://localhost:9080/soavirt/api/v6/def
  • http://localhost:9080/soavirt/api/v6/def/assets

Existing references to resources, such as scripts using curl to POST, will continue to work. 

Enhanced Support for Source Control Management Systems

We've added support for the following SCMs:

  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Git 1.8, 1.9, 2.x
  • SVN 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13

Deprecated Support for Source Control Management Systems

Support for the following SCMs is deprecated and will be removed in future releases:

  • AccuRev
  • ClearCase
  • CVS
  • Serena Dimensions
  • StarTeam
  • Synergy CM
  • Visual Source Safe

In addition, support for Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 is removed.

Continuous Testing Platform Updates

The following updates were made in CTP.

New Deployments Screen

The Service Virtualization module now includes a Deployments screen, which shows the status of all service virtualization deployments for a specific server and enhancements to the monitoring workflows. For each server connected to CTP, you can drill down into usage details at virtual asset or message responder activity level, as well as enable/disable monitoring. The information presented in the Deployments screen helps you identify performance bottlenecks, which helps you reduce debugging costs.

Resource Permissions for Jobs

The ability to execute, create, and delete jobs is now protected by resource permissions. As a result, users with provision roles can only execute jobs and view reports to which they have been given access through resource permission controls. If you want to continue anonymously executing jobs and viewing reports in CTP without logging in, disable the Restricted option in the Resource Permissions screen. This option is enabled by default.

Test Data Enhancements

The following updates were made to the Test Data module:

  • Ability to enable freeform editing for hierarchical data sets.
  • Ability to modify hierarchical data structures.

Updated Versioning Scheme

All Parasoft products now follow a new versioning scheme: YYYY.release

Upgrade Notes

Updating from an older version to 2020.1 requires a clean installation. The update URL is currently unavailable (see Service Pack Updates). 

Additional Updates

  • The Code Review module has been removed and is no longer supported.
  • Added ability to create Parameterized Message Responders in literal input mode. Previously, form input was the default option.
  • Ability to set the field type for data imported from Excel with the Data Repository tool. 
  • Ability to create folders and subfolders for virtual assets and message proxies on the SOAtest and Virtualize server.
  • Support for connecting to instances of DTP that are deployed to reverse proxy environments.
  • Added support for playback on the Chromium-based Edge browser.
  • Ability to modify response codes for virtual assets.
  • Ability to specify the exact rows of data used for jobs.
  • Ability to view message proxies in the Virtual Assets screen.
  • Ability to delete component instances when editing environment diagram
  • CTP 2020.1 is required to use Virtualize 2020.1 functionality.
  • CTP now requires Apache Tomcat 8.5 or 9.0.
  • CTP 2020.1 now uses HyperSQL 2.5.0.
  • CTP now supports Oracle 18c.
  • CTP no longer supports Google Chrome 80 and older.

Resolved PRs and FRs

CTP-4574Ability to specify Data Source Rows a Parameter for a CTP Test Job
CTP-4607Ability to Delete Component Instances When Editing Environment Diagram
CTP-4618Intuitive way to set "NULL" and "Exclude" fields in Test Data module
CTP-4693Ability to modify response codes for Virtual Assets
CTP-4691GC Overhead errors with 8GB max heap when executing lots of jobs
CTP-4713System environment showing error when provisioning lots of proxies
CTP-4714TST not showing in API Testing when env variable is very large
CTP-4716Jobs operate slowly with 500-1k job histories and environment don't load
CTP-4766Rejected report from CTP Job using Jenkins CTP plugin
CTP-4905DataException in catalina logs when attempting to event monitor
CTP-4938Dropdowns in job edit view should show system version
LT-1262Data Source Column Not Found In Load Test
LT-1268Passing data through contexts from Set-Up to Regular tests fails
LT-1303Load Test Does Not Read Eclipse Variables in Packager Path Field from ISO 8583 Client
SOA-11749Test Suite is Dirty When Tests Are Selected in the Test Flow Logic Section
SOA-11750Data sources unable to resolve env vars when used in data group data source
SOA-11872Support MTOM payloads larger than Integer.MAX_INT (2GB) - stream instead of buffering
SOA-11873Getting empty Structure Report in SOAtest when "&" character used in URL string for Requirements Tracking
SOA-11894XML Signing tool does not apply the Security header layout policy Strict
SOA-11982Traffic Viewer doesn't display data source rows when in suite with "Tests run all sub-groups as part of this group" enabled
SOA-12092Open TST with data repository must be closed to resolve columns
SOA-12093Send MTOM payloads larger than 2 GB
SOA-12130   Create Regression Control not using delays configured in Test Flow Logic
SOA-12154Vulnerability in capicom.dll Could Allow Remote Code Execution
SOA-12158REST Clients ignore proxy PAC file
SOA-12165Starting SOAtest server gives message about Performance feature enabled in license
SOA-12200SOAtest Report Shows the Same Traffic When Looping a Test Suite
SOA-12204Exclude with Empty String Option Doesn't Prevent Client From Checking For Valid Boolean Value For Same Element
SOA-12228Generate CSV Data Source from Form JSON creates columns for property types
SOA-12278Running test after creating multiple regression controls causes certain test to fail
VIRT-2277Ability to create folders in Message Proxies
VIRT-2689Display Warning in the Proxy Security Tab When the JCE Is Not Installed
VIRT-3368Data Repository Tool create array of primitive field
VIRT-3408Switching from Literal to Form JSON View Hides Array Elements
VIRT-3410"Copy to workspace" Multiple PVAs
VIRT-3435mar files causing severe error reported by Tomcat after soavirt.war file deployment
VIRT-3475PVA Created From Attached Traffic Using Embedded Data Repository Produces EOFException: null Error
VIRT-3496Remotely renaming folders under Virtual Assets duplicates PVAs - WAR installation
VIRT-3651Slow Performance from Virtualize Server drop-down in GUI
VIRT-3668Sending MQ messages to remote queue using binding option
VIRT-3745JDBC virtualize error when recording closed result set
VIRT-3853CRUD Tool Not Generating JSON Template for Create Operation With Specific JSON
VIRT-3877Event monitor http headers on message responder internal response

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