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This topic explains how to virtualize Equifax credit reporting services.

Parasoft Virtualize includes an extension for virtualizing Equifax credit reporting services. This allows you to create virtual assets that emulate the behavior of external Equifax services - facilitating  development and testing efforts by removing dependencies on third-party services in the test and development environment. The Equifax virtualization capabilities allow you to broaden test coverage, better manage response data, and perform performance and load testing without impacting the real Equifax services.

The Equifax extension is implemented so that you can use message construction forms (in Form Input or Form XML), data source parameterization, and message correlation techniques (XPaths) when creating and configuring virtual assets. To enable this, the extension converts the Equifax request messages to and from XML.



The Equifax extension is available on the Parasoft Marketplace (accessible at or your organization’s CTP). See the documentation in the extension’s zip file for details on how to install and use this extension.

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