This topic introduces Plain Text Message Responders and explains configuration options that are unique to this type of Message Responder. 

About Plain Text Message Responders

Plain Text Message Responder is a Message Responder that is designed to send plain text payloads.

It simplifies the use of XML by providing a form view for configuring responses from elements defined in an XML schema (XSD). Each Message Responder responds to incoming request messages that match its Responder Correlation criteria. Responses can be configured in a variety of modes, ranging from simple fixed messages to dynamic parameterized messages using a data source. Message Responders are protocol agnostic, but the transport protocol or API to access a responder is defined in the deployment configuration of the PVA.

You can create a Plain Text Message Responder tool by adding an EDI Message Responder tool and changing its format to Plain Text. The tool’s name will then change to Plain Text Message Responder upon save (unless you disabled the Use Default Name option).

Conversion Option

For details on configuring standard Message Responder behavior (e.g., correlations, performance profiles, etc.), see Message Responder Overview.

In addition to the standard Message Responder options, the following conversion option is available for Plain Text Message Responders:

  • Normalize space - Removes leading and trailing spaces from the text and replaces all internal sequences of white space with a single space.
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