This topic explains how to view and modify WSDL URL contents within SOAtest—in a web browser or in a visual editor.

Viewing in a Web Browser

To view WSDL URL contents in a web browser:

  1. Customize the perspective as follows:
    1. Right-click the empty area of the toolbar (the gray area between the toolbar buttons and the tab of perspective icons), then choose Customize Perspective from the shortcut menu.

    2. Open the Commands tab in the Customize Perspective dialog.
    3. Enable the Web Browser option.

    4. Click OK. Note that a new Open Web Browser button will appear in the tool bar.
  2. Click the new Open Web Browser toolbar button.

  3. In the editor that opens, enter the URL for the WSDL you want to view.

Viewing in a Visual Editor

To view a WSDL file in a visual editor:

  1. Using a web browser, save your WSDL file into one of your SOAtest projects. Use the file extension .wsdl.
  2. Switch to the Navigator view. This allows you to see other file resources in the project (in addition to .tst files).

  3. Double-click the node representing the WSDL file that you saved. You will see a visual view representing the WSDL operations, types and so on.

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