SOAtest facilitates the testing of web services built on the webMethods platform. SOAtest can monitor transactions that pass through a JMS, then generate functional test cases that check the monitored messages. In addition to providing visibility into the systems messages, this allows you replay transactions directly from SOAtest and verify that the monitored functionality continues to work as expected.

SOAtest’s broad protocol support provides teams an integrated environment for performing comprehensive testing of heterogeneous composite applications. In addition to supporting JMS and SOAP/XML messaging, functional tests can be easily be configured to publish and send BrokerEvent objects to Software AG webMethods Broker, as well as subscribe to events and invoke native webMethods Integration Server services. SOAtest introspects Broker and IS to automatically configure tests and visualizes the incoming and outgoing content. This allows  otherwise developer-intensive test activities to be performed visually and without scripting on the webMethods APIs— and with rich validation and data parameterization capabilities. 

You can also visualize and trace the  Broker events that take place as part of the transactions that are triggered by the webMethods tests, and then dissect them for validation.  As a result, test engineers gain the ability to identify problem causes and validate multi-endpoint, integrated transaction systems that have been traditionally handled only by specialized development teams. 

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