SOAtest provides extensive support for generating and consuming JMS messages, and simulating various patterns-including point-to-point and publish-and-subscribe patterns. This allows for end-to-end testing and validation of messaging systems. See JMS for details.

Functional tests can be automatically generated from monitoring the transaction messages that touch JMS endpoints in ESBs or middleware systems. See the following section for details on how to accomplish this: 

You can also visualize and trace the intra-process JMS messages that take place as part of the transactions that are triggered by the tests, and then dissect them for validation. In addition to providing visibility into the system’s intermediate messages, this allows you replay transactions directly from SOAtest and verify that the monitored functionality continues to work as expected. As a result, test engineers gain the ability to identify problem causes and validate multi-endpoint, integrated transaction systems that have been traditionally handled only by specialized development teams. For details, see Monitoring Other JMS Systems.

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