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The NDJSON extension enables SOAtest and Virtualize to support the NDJSON message format. The NDJSON format (newline delimited JSON) is a format for storing or streaming structured data that may be processed one record at a time. Refer to the NDJSON specification website for additional information.

Installing the extension adds the NDJSON Client for SOAtest and the NDJSON Message Responder for Virtualize, as well as enables other messaging tools to leverage the NDJSON format.  


  • SOAtest/Virtualize 9.10.0 and later


The tool can be installed from the UI or command line.

UI Installation

  1. Choose Parasoft > Preferences and click System Properties
  2. Click Add JARs and choose the ndjson.jar file. 
  3. Restart SOAtest/Virtualize.

Command Line Installation

Add the ndjson.jar file to the property in your localsettings properties file. For example:<path to jar>/ndjson.jar 

Once the classpath is modified, all of the required dependencies will be loaded.

Adding the NDJSON Clients

You can add standalone NDJSON Clients to your suite using the Add Test wizard or chain NDJSON tools as a payload output of an existing tool using the Add Output wizard. See Adding Projects, .tst files, and Test Suites for details.

Configuration and Usage

NDJSON Clients function in a similar manner to other messaging clients, but are configured to use the NDJSON format by default. 

Adding NDJSON Message Responders

You can add NDJSON Message Responders to your suite using the Add Responder wizard. See Creating Message Responders Manually for details. 

Configuration and Usage

NDJSON Message Responders function in a similar manner to other responders. Refer to Message Responder Overview for information on configuring and using responders.  

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