This topic explains how specific browser extensions and configurations can be applied to SOAtest's web scenario recording and playback.

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Internet Explorer

No additional configuration is needed. Just complete the installation or configuration as usual (independent of SOAtest).


To use specific Chrome plugins or settings for web functional tests:

  1. Launch Chrome with the following command line:
    <Chrome_Installation_Directory> --user-data-dir="<SOAtest Installation_Directory>\eclipse\plugins\com.parasoft.xtest.libs.web_<soatest_version>\root\browsers\chrome\userDataDir"
    This tells Chrome to use SOAtest's user-data directory for web scenario recording and playback.
  2. After the browser opens, install the extension and/or perform the configuration in the normal manner.


Before you can install extensions, you first need to open the appropriate SOAtest Firefox profile. There are two different ways to open this profile:

  • Directly open the profile (using a command-line argument).
  • Let SOAtest open the profile during playback.

Directly Opening the SOAtest Firefox Profile

To directly open the SOAtest Firefox profile:

  1. Close all instances of Firefox.
  2. Start Firefox with the command line <Firefox_Installation_Directory> -ProfileManager
  3. Click Create Profile to create a new profile.
  4. Click through the wizard until you reach the step to choose a profile folder.
  5. Click Choose Folder and select the folder <SOAtest Installation_Directory>/eclipse/plugins/com.parasoft.xtest.libs.web_<soatest_version>/root/browsers/ff
  6. Click Finish.
  7. Select the new profile that you created and click Start Firefox.

You can now install Firefox extensions and configure settings in the normal manner.

Letting SOAtest Open the Profile During Playback

With this method, extensions must be installed and configured during playback—not during recording.

When you play a web scenario in SOAtest, SOAtest will automatically open the appropriate Firefox profile. Once that profile opens, you can install Firefox extensions and configure settings in the normal manner.

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