This topic explains how to create an FTP Client tool, which is used to connect to a FTP server in order to put or get files.

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Understanding FTP Client

The FTP Client is designed to provide basic FTP functionality as a SOAtest tool. Both FTP and SFTP (Secure FTP) are supported.

Configuring FTP Client

You can customize the following options:

  • Protocol: Choose the desired protocol (either FTP or SFTP). In SFTP mode, all transfers are in Binary format.
  • Host, Port, Username, Password: Specify the connection settings. These can be parameterized (using values from a data source added to your suite), or you can use environment variables in Literal Mode.
  • Local Folder: Specify the path on your local machine where downloaded files should be saved and uploaded files can be found.
  • Transfer Mode: Specify the transfer mode to use. If binary files will be transferred, use Binary. Otherwise, use ASCII (default).
  • Timeout: Specify the number of seconds that SOAtest will wait after attempting to send or receive data before terminating the connection.

  • Commands table: Specify the commands that you want the FTP Client to perform, in the order in which you want them performed. Available commands include:
    • pwd - Print working directory.
    • ls - List directory
    • cd - Change directory
    • mkdir - Make a directory
    • rmdir - Delete a directory
    • rm - Delete a file
    • put - Upload a file
    • get - Download a file

Viewing Traffic

To view the traffic log from the FTP Server, you can attach tools to the FTP Client. For example, adding an Edit tool will let you view the traffic.

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