This topic introduces Custom Clients: client tools that are created to send requests with a payload in a custom message format that SOAtest has been extended to support.

A Custom Message allows you to define and send requests with a payload leveraging a custom message format—for example, mainframe message formats, binary formats, or any other kind of proprietary custom message format. These custom message formats are added to SOAtest via custom message formats via the Parasoft Extension Framework; for details on how to define these extensions, see About Parasofts Extension Framework.

When you go to add clients, you will see an option to add a responder named [Your Format] Client. For instance, if your team extended SOAtest to support the FIX message format, you would see the following:

You can now configure the Custom Client as you would configure any other Messaging Client or EDI Client. 

There are only two differences to note:

  • You can select any pre-defined message types for this format from the Message Type list.
  • You can customize any pre-defined GUI options for this format under the Conversion Options tab.

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