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The Parasoft Change Advisor perspective helps you identify how changes to a service definition (e.g., renamed operations, added elements or types, modified namespaces, etc.) impact the messages that your messaging tools send.  

A change impact analysis compares the service definition that was originally used to construct the tools’ messages vs. either 

  • The live version of that same service definition (at the same URL as the original definition file).
  • A different service definition (at a different URL than the original definition file).

The result of this analysis helps you assess the scope and nature of changes that will be required to update your tests. Once a change template defining how the new service maps to the previous one has been defined, you can apply that change template to automatically update the tests—individually or in bulk. 

You can open this perspective for SOAtest in any of the following ways:

  • Choose Window> Perspective> Open Perspective> Parasoft Change Advisor.
  • Click the Open Perspective button in the shortcut bar, then choose Parasoft Change Advisor in the Open Perspective dialog that opens.
  • (After the perspective has been opened once) Click the Parasoft Change Advisor button in the shortcut bar (on the top right of the workbench).

For details on using this perspective to update your tests, see Change Management.

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