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To add new steps to an existing web scenario (for instance, if you want to add more steps to the middle of a scenario that you already recorded):

  1. Select the point in the scenario where you want to start recording from.
  2. Click  Add Recorded Tests.

  3. In the first Record Web Scenarios wizard page, choose Continue recording from <selected test>, then click Next.
  4. Complete the next wizard page to specify your preferences, then click Finish. The scenario’s start page will open in the selected browser and SOAtest will step through the existing scenario (up to the point you selected).

    Selenium WebDriver Note

    If you choose to record starting from a referenced scenario that is set to play back with WebDriver in Internet Explorer or Safari, the Browser option will automatically be set to Chrome by default, but you can change the default selection.

  5. Once the desired starting point is reached, specify the functionality that you want to capture by interacting with the browser. You can click links, complete and submit forms, use the navigation bar to enter open URLs, access shortcuts, go forward or back, and so on.
    • To ensure that recording works properly, wait until each page has fully loaded before performing an action.
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