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If you select the Generate Asynchronous Requests Tests option in the Generation Options panel within the Record Web Scenarios wizard, an Asynchronous Request Tests folder is added to the Test Case Explorer.

SOAtest detects XMLHttpRequests calls and hidden IFrames and uses them to auto configure asynchronous requests tests. IFrames are considered “hidden” if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • the Iframe has a width and height of either 0 or 1 pixels
  • the Iframe’s visibility attribute is set to hidden
  • the Iframes’s display attribute is set to none

If you double-click the Asynchronous Requests Tests folder, test suite options display in the configuration panel on the right.

Attached to each test is a Response Traffic> Recorded Response  tool that compares the server’s response to what was recorded during test creation. If the responses are different, the test fails.

There is also a Traffic Viewer tool attached to each test that lets you view the request that was sent and the server’s response.

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